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Wipers for winter



Fog, snow and rain will cut down your visibility in winter.

Check your wiper blades, which have a lifespan of about a year. If your car doesn’t have the newer “beam blade” style wipers, consider a pair, especially for the winter months. The beam style blades don’t have an external spring to freeze up.

When snow or other freezing precipitation threaten, make sure you turn off the wipers when you park so that the next time you turn on your car, the wiper motor’s not fighting to get frozen wipers moving. This can burn out the motor.

Some folks pop their wipers up so they’re not touching the windshield. This little trick will make it easier to scrape your windshield. Some folks believe this wears out the spring that keeps the blade on the glass. And some folks think it’s an affectation. We’ll leave it to you.


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We continue to hope for all of your safety and have included more tips on frequently asked questions.


How do I call for help if 911 isn’t working?

For routine police assistance, call 703-257-8000. For routine fire and rescue assistance, call 703-792-6500.


When will my trash be picked up?

Regular trash and recycling pick-up is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. There will be no make-up for Tuesday’s missed trash collection. Tuesday’s recycling will be collected Saturday.


Are schools closed?

Yes, schools are closed on Tuesday.


Who do I call if my power is out?

The City of Manassas Utility Department is available at 703-257-8353.


Where are local shelters?

Osbourn High School opened at 7 p.m. Monday. It’s located at 9005 Tudor Lane (571-337-7000).


Where do I call to see if public transportation is running?


No Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission service is scheduled for Tuesday.


Virginia Regional Transit will resume all transit services at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

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